What does an architect do?

Find out what an architect is and how their services can help you achieve the perfect build as well as the all-important question; What exactly are architect costs?

When looking to remodel your home, build an extension, or build a new home, office or commercial building, you will first need to have a design in mind and a plan drawn up, so that your contractors can start building your dream home, it is at this beginning stage where you would hire an architect.

What is an architect?

An architect is a person who designs and plans buildings and who will also be able to supervise or project, manage the actual construction of that building.

They are professionally qualified individuals who can work by themselves or as part of a design or engineering team to help create functional pieces of art.

Do I need an architect?

If you need help designing your home or want a professional design plan drawing up for your project, then it is always advisable to hire a qualified architect. An experienced architect can not only help you design the perfect addition to your property but will also be able to provide other services, making the architect’s costs worth the money.

An architect will also be able to help you when it comes to the necessary but often daunting planning permission and any building regulations that may be required for your build.

What services can an architect provide?

As well as helping you create the right look for your home or building project, an architect can also offer these following services;

  • Design Drafts
  • Help with Planning Applications
  • Building Regulation Submissions
  • 3D visualisations
  • Site Surveys
  • Interior Alteration Drawings
  • Extension Plans
  • Supervise Construction

How much does an architect cost?

How much an architect costs will depend on what work the architect is being hired to complete. A good architect will be able to provide you with an easy to read and fully comprehensive quote from the beginning.

As with any large-scale addition to your home or with the building of a commercial property, there are always going to be the possibilities of extra costs along the way, this could merely be because of an unexpected delay due to bad weather.

A good contractor will have experience in these issues and will be able to provide you with a cost analysis before being hired.

If you are worried about hidden architect costs, you can make sure you avoid any hidden fees and expenses from any contractor by asking questions. Ask exactly what is provided for the architect’s fees, as an architect’s costs can vary widely, depending on the services they provide to you.

The cost of hiring an architect can not only be cost-effective, especially if you hire a full architect service but can also be time-saving as well when it comes to the planning and building stage of your project. The overall costs of hiring an architect or adding that new extension will still be lower than moving to a new house.