Architectural Fees

TRANSPARENCY IN ARCHITECT FEES have in-depth knowledge and experience of new build housing in the London area, and we are thus perfectly placed to help you plan your dream home.

Our rates are extremely affordable, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote as soon as possible.

Our price structure works as follows:



  • Design drafts until they meet approval
  • Our expert advice and support in your application
  • Two sets of plans (one electronic, one print copy)
  • Final plans submitted, along with any other documentation required.
  • Resubmission and/or revision of the plans if necessary.


  • Design drafts until they are confirmed
  • Expert advice and support to ease the process
  • Two sets of plans – a print copy and an electronic copy
  • Final plans submitted, along with structural details
  • Resubmission and revisions of the plans as necessary.


  • Unlimited Revisions until the customer is happy with results
  • Visualise light options/sources
  • Experiment with textures and finishes to create your own signature ‘look’
  • Visualise different angle both exterior and interior views
  • As realistic a render as if you were standing beside your project


  • submission process, handling all the officialdom and paperwork.
  • Note: the planning application fee payable to the Council is not included.



Site survey

  • An expert visit to the site
  • Consultation and discussion about the proposed project
  • A full survey of the site measurements
  • A photographic site survey

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