Architect Services and Whether or Not I Need Them.

When considering architect services there really are a lot of niches to choose from. Our Architects and Architectural Technologists can help with everything from initial design drawings to build ready drawings ready to hand to your chosen builder.

We understand each client requires a different type of architect services such as wanting initial advice on design options and feasibility, while others want help with planning permissions and building regulations.

The more you use us, the more it costs. But, this will allow you more control on your project, as we can help you avoid pitfalls and getting ripped off. Having an expert on board gives you more weight when dealing with builders and contractors. As the more detailed the drawings and specification, the lower the risk of overruns, which is the main contributor to costs rising.

Our architects and architectural technologists will come up with a fixed scheme and make it clear what is required and expected from the builder. We try to tailor our services to each individual client depending on the scale of the project on hand.