This article explains the benefits of a local architect and why a smaller firm may be a better choice for you. 

If you have decided that it is time to expand, or remodel, your existing property, or to even have a new property or development built, then you have probably thought about hiring an architect, but how do you find the best architect for your project?

The best place to start is to find a qualified architect in your local area.


Because choosing an architect should be as important as the build itself, it is not only vital that you find someone that not only has the right skills, and experience for the job, but is also an architect who you can work alongside from the very beginning of your project.

It is the architect’s job to help you design and plan your perfect property, as well as work alongside the structural engineers and building contractors to bring the final design to life, so it is essential to factor in the ability to be able to get along and work with a potential architect before you decide to hire them.

Which means that meeting your potential architect is something that must be easy to accomplish.

There are many great architects available in the UK, but due to the nature of their job role, finding an architect in your local area is a necessity.

To be able to provide you with the best possible service, your architect will need to be within travelling distance of your property or land, so, if the property you are looking to renovate, or build, is located in the London area, then it would be best to begin your search for an architect in London and the surrounding areas.

Hiring a local architect will also help you when it comes to the building of your property, a Berkshire architect will have better knowledge of the contractors in and around the local area than an architect who is based outside the area.

One of the best ways to find out if a potential architect, or any contractor for that matter, is worth hiring is by word of mouth, which will be easier to obtain if the architect is based in your local area, if only because much of their previous work has been completed in that area.

For instance; If you are based in either London, or Berkshire, a local Berkshire architect is more likely to have references in the local area, making it not only more accessible for you to see for yourself any previous work that your potential architect has completed, but it is also easier to find people who can personally recommend them.

A local Surrey architect will also have experience in dealing with any local planning policies in and around Surrey and will have experience in working with your local authority, which may be beneficial to you when it comes to any planning permissions, or building standards requirements, for your property.

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