Rear Extension in Greenwich, London

Our clients wanted to make use of the available garden space they had for their semi-detached property. They wanted an open plan layout that would create a seamless transition from living room to kitchen. Taking that on board, we decided to explore the idea of adding a rear extension to the existing house to maximize the potential of the house.

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Project Details:

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Building Type:

Semi-Detached Property

Project Type:

Rear Extension


Greenwich, London

The Design

The first step was to survey the property to get the correct measurements for the potential rear extension. After, we spoke with our clients to pin-point what exactly they want to achieve from this extension. An in-depth discussion took place and they wanted above everything else, the need to make the ground floor as open plan as possible, especially to the rear of the house as they wanted the kitchen to run along the external wall of the proposed rear extension. To achieve this, a flat roof design was the ideal design for the rear extension, as we would be able to create a seamless effect from the existing ceiling of the house to the new rear extension. Once everything was decided with our client, we were able to get the design onto paper.

The Process

Once we had a final design layout of the rear extension in place, the next stage was to submit our design proposal to the Local Authority to validate that everything was in line with ‘Permitted Development Rights’ which meant certain types of work can be performed without needing to apply for planning permission. We submitted a ‘Lawful Development’ application to get a ‘Lawful Development Certificate (LDC)’ to make sure no doubts were raised for the client if they do decide to sell on the house that this was all legal. The proposed design made sure to add a matched finish and roof tiles for the flat roof to the rear extension. The next stage was to get Thames Water involved as the rear extension was to be built over a manhole, which meant a ‘Build Over’ agreement had to be put in place before we could move forward. We were able to provide the relevant documents and drawings for Thames Water to approve our client’s rear extension proposal quickly.

The Outcome

The LDC process meant we had to wait a few weeks to get a certificate for the proposed rear extension. But once issued the client was able to start building immediately without delay as all documents and building regulations drawings were ready to handover to their chosen contractor for the project.

Client’s Testimonial

Inspired Plans have been a fantastic partner in planning our extension. They listened carefully to our ideas and turned them into practical, innovative solutions. Their pricing structure allows you to pick and choose the services you want. Thank you.

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