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Side Extensions are a popular choice that our clients tend to opt for as if done right, it will add additional space to your home and also raise the value of the property. The design of your single storey extension is possible if your home is not in a conservation area or restricted by Listed Building Consent – you may be able to add a side extension to your home under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ (alterations you can make without planning permission).

When deciding if a side extension is possible or not, the space required within the property needs to be assessed, as several factors such as the proximity to neighbouring boundaries, positioning of windows and orientation of the sunlight and view play a major factor in all this. Other things to take into consideration are planning constraints as smaller single storey side extensions will fall within the criteria for Permitted Development, so planning permission is not needed.

If you opt to go for a double storey side extension then planning permission would be required.

One of the big questions with a side extension is whether or not to complement or contrast with the existing house. Both style work well but it comes down to feasibility and practicality along with what you want from your side extension. If you want practicality in order to add more space to your home, then complementing your side extension with the original house is the best way forward whilst the benefit of this is that no planning is required to do this.

However, if you wanted to approach your side extension with the intention edgy and contemporary then that is very much achievable too, it would require planning permission in order to achieve your design that is contrasting yet contemporary. With Inspired Plans we can help you with both options in order to achieve the desired outcome you want.

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